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July 11, 2009


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How we may help Autistic child/ren ?

Hi Sandy,

I am glad you asked this question. From a shamanic perspective, what makes one child autistic is not necessarily what makes another child autistic. Each life is viewed as unique with each life having it's own unique processes, reasons for being the way they are, and what is needed to "cure" or "heal" them. All that being said, many autistic children are in fact what is being called the "Crystal" children. The Crystal children are much more advanced beings than the majority of what is on our planet, and just by their presence here they bring in higher vibrations that are needed for all to advance in consciousness. They are very sensitive to everything, including vaccinations, which many have linked to autism.

To more directly answer your question, shamanic and other forms of energy/spiritual healing are right at the level of these advanced beings. And again, the "answer" is still very individual to each person, this is the way shamanism approaches healing.

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